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This photolog is dedicated to typographical jewels that are hidden around us. Occasionally I will post here some other things that I’m interested in.

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  1. ehud oren says:

    הגעתי במקרה
    נשארתי בכוונה
    אני די המום
    ו – שמח שהגעתי

  2. Hi there, my names Christopher and I have what my wife describes as an unhealthy obsession with type. I have recently started a blog about all things type, especially about the type that surrounds us that most people don’t see. I have begun to share my observations about my home town of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, England and of the other places I go with my camera and my TypoRadar™ turned up to thirteen.

    I’m trying to get others involved in the project by sharing their own observations of the typography and lettering where they live; ordinary, unique or historical, official or illegal, old or new, sublime or substandard. It’s the stuff that informs us everyday without being celebrated, unlike all the great new rebrandings, logos and posters that fill all the usual typographically biased websites. This part is called ‘my type of…place’

    There is other stuff on there too: printed ephemera from my own collection – not rare and valuable stuff to make others jealous, but things I have acquired over the years because they have made me smile, or think, or just go ‘ooh!’ You probably know what I mean… Maybe you have some interesting stuff that you’d like to share with others too. This part is called ‘my type of…stuff’

    I also plan to begin a section called ‘my type of…people’ where the less prominent typographers, designers and letterers of all kinds will feature. Maybe you have a particular interest in someone who is less celebrated than the usual (type)faces, or know someone who is doing their own thing typographically, or still doing it all the old way.

    Your Fontef photolog contains some beautiful images of the type of type that many of us really enjoy. Have a look at mine and see what you think; it would be great if you were to get involved. There is some information to download for anyone who may wish to contribute at the top of the blog, and maybe you could pass on the link to others who may be interested.

    Please feel free to add your comments to any of the current materials. Enjoy.

    Thanks for reading,

    Christopher Skinner

  3. תודה על שכיות החמדה האלה

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