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FF Cartonnage

FF Cartonnage OT OpenType
Notice that the ‘S’s and ‘T’s aren’t the same? Switch on the Contextual Alternates feature in this new OT release to limit the appearance of repeating letter shapes and emulate a natural stamped effect.

Cartonnage Notebooks

Friday, March 28th, 2008


I’ve collected empty cardboard boxes from imported goods for years. My studio soon looked like a storage room. To regain space, I opted to transform the visual language on the boxes into a font with universal appeal (then, I’ve donated the cardboard collection to local recycling facility). FF Cartonnage is available in three weights, one of which is based on informational pictograms. The fonts imitate the imperfections of print on carton material and the wear-and-tear of travel.

You can purchase those notebooks at FontShop Berlin.

Nijhof & Lee International booksellers, notebooks. You can purchase them here.

The notebooks are made of 100% recycled material, and coming in different sizes, the smallest is a size of a mobile phone.